Family(and friends) Gives Askeys a Fresh New Look

Askeys, one of the UK’s favourite ice cream and dessert accompaniment brand for over 100 years is putting the fun back into ‘homemade’ with its recent rebranding. In a bid to move consumers away from ready-made frozen offers, Askeys has undergone a major refresh of its brand and entire packaging range. The work was carried out by design house Family(and friends).

“Research revealed that families are looking for variety, something new to brighten up mealtimes and treat occasions, but are also trying to make the most of the things in their cupboards. They want to feel like they’re being creative with food and household budgets. The new brand identity and packaging aims to be both a celebration of homemade creativity and family value,” said Alex Durbridge, creative director at Family(and friends).

“We all remember Blue Peter, or, maybe these days watch Art Ninja with our little ones. The joyful nostalgia of making up your own fun, building models out of junk and homemade treats has been the inspiration for the new positioning, which revolves around ‘letting your imagination run free’,” revealed F&f in their release.

The new visual identity reinforces the product’s lightness and the essence of imagination, with free-flowing logo held in a buoyant thought cloud device.

The pack design theme features playful ice cream creatures as serving suggestions to inspire creativity across the range. The back of each pack has a cut-out animal, or colouring activity for kids to enjoy.

Retaining shop-ability and ease of navigation was essential, so blue remains the brand’s key colour, but freshened and softened to reinforce freshness and modernity.

Derek Johnston, strategy director at Family (and friends) says “This rebrand represents an awful lot of what F&f is all about. Commercial creativity in the FMCG market, combined with reinforcing strong family values – playfulness, connectivity and a pleasure of shared food.”

The new look launches across major multiples in February 2017.

Source: Family(and friends)

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