Fried Chicken Bath Bombs: The Disruptive Gift That Got the World Talking About KFC

Geometry Japan has teamed up with ADK to run a very unique Christmas campaign using Fried Chicken Bath Bombs, a disruptive gift that got the world talking about Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Celebrating Christmas with fried chicken is a big part of Japanese culture where Christmas equals to KFC; dads come home with a bucket of fried chicken, moms order chicken in advance and family members get together to visit KFC to celebrate Christmas.

There are long queues in front of KFC stores all around Japan. It all started more than 4 decades ago. Back in 1974, KFC first ran a Christmas campaign and promoted the Christmas feast with fried chicken. It made a big hit and since then fried chicken is something you must have on the Christmas table.

However, Christmas day is not a holiday in Japan. People on duty need to restlessly work in Santa Claus costumes on that day. They cannot sit at the dinner table with family and loved ones. So KFC decided to run a campaign to provide consolation to Santa Clauses working in the streets and the busy KFC employees.

The Geometry and ADK team created a special kit with the Fried Chicken Bath Bombs inside. These bath bombs look just like the KFC pieces, have chicken fragrance, and melt inside warm bath water in a way that gives the impression of chicken pieces being fried in oil. These were handed out in the streets and to people who sent in their memories of how busy they were on Christmas day, via Twitter.

Hundreds of hardworking Santa Clauses received the gifts and appreciated the relaxing time with the special bath bombs. This experience was widely shared through PR and social media platforms. In total, 256,326 applications for the Bath Bombs were submitted. And most importantly, the campaign helped to achieve the highest ever sales results in history, while delivering a unique brand experience.

Source: Little Black Book

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