Getting Lost Gets a Whole New Meaning in Cadbury 5Star’s New Campaign

Mondelez India Foods recently launched a new TVC for its latest renovation – ‘The extra caramelly Cadbury 5Star‘, starring its iconic brand ambassadors, Ramesh and Suresh.

Showcasing the idea ‘Jo Khaaye Extra Kho Jaaye’ (Whoever eats it gets extra lost), the new TVC by Ogilvy & Mather India has given the iconic duo – Ramesh and Suresh, a much more aspirational and cooler look as they go on a vacation.

cadbury-5star1The TVC portrays Ramesh and Suresh sitting on a bench, getting extra lost in the taste of new caramelly Cadbury 5Star. Right next to them is a thief, eyeing the purse of a lady sitting on the adjacent bench.

While, Ramesh and Suresh are engrossed in the immersive eat experience of the extra caramelly Cadbury 5Star, the robber attempts to steal the lady’s purse and run away, not realizing that Ramesh/Suresh had accidentally tied his shoelaces with that of the robber, causing him to fall flat on the floor.

The film brings out the good in getting extra lost as the duo manage to save the day. The film once again manages to showcase the quirky behaviour of the duo, bringing a smile to viewers’ faces.

Over the years, Cadbury 5Star has entertained viewers with innovative campaigns and the brand’s positioning has evolved to suit changing consumer behaviour. With this TVC, Cadbury 5 Star takes forward the idea of getting ‘Lost in Taste’ by giving it additional emphasis to bring out the rich extra caramel quotient of Cadbury 5 Star.

cadbury-5star2Targeting the youth-segment, this new TVC aims to build appeal and drive the enhanced chocolate eat experience of the refurbished Cadbury 5Star.

Prashant Peres, Director- Marketing (Chocolates), Mondelez India said, “Being the market leader in the overall chocolate portfolio, we are committed to paving the way for the growth of countline category in the Indian market. Our lead brand, Cadbury 5Star has been highly successful in the youth segment. In alignment with growth vision of enhancing chocolate eating experience we have refurbished the product to make it “More Caramelly”.  The new cooler avatar of the product is supported by a new TVC campaign which showcases a more immersive eat experience by featuring the iconic Ramesh-Suresh duo bringing out the good of getting lost.”

cadbury-5star3Hitesh Patel, Executive Vice President, Ogilvy & Mather, India said, “Ramesh and Suresh have been the stars of the ‘Lost in the taste of 5star’ campaign and over the years consumers have come to love them making them synonymous with the brand. For the new product launch, with more caramel, we have added a new dimension of them being extra lost and inadvertently leading to a positive outcome.”

Source: Campaign Brief Asia

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