Good Grain Raises the Breakfast Bar with Irresistible Health Credentials and a Tasty New Identity

Sales of breakfast cereals have been falling due to changing eating habits, a general lack of trust in some ‘health’ claims and the backlash against sugar content. Enter Good Grain. As one of the healthiest cereals you can buy, it’s the perfect saviour for the breakfast category.

Recently purchased by specialist cereal manufacturer Brecks, it was time to inject the Good Grain identity with more life and purpose. Brecks asked Robot Food to undertake a full brand reposition.

Previous Branding

The team embarked on a study of consumer trends, followed by a collaborative brand workshop to establish Good Grain’s positioning, mission and values. After this came new product development workshops to develop a pipeline of launches for the brand. The original SKU of puffed wheat is now joined by new ‘Multi Grains’ and a ‘Plus Cherry’ for launch, with more exciting products to follow.

Next came the design. Drawing from the new brand blueprint, Robot Food developed the strapline ‘Good Grain, Good You’, and created an identity with a challenger brand feel that radiates on front of pack against a vibrant colour palette. Being 100% natural wheat and nothing else, Good Grain makes an ideal basis for a personalised breakfast, so the creative team positioned the cereal as ‘just the start and the rest is up to you’.

Sumptuous serving suggestions are shown on front of pack, including fresh yoghurt, fruit and other delicious ingredients and ‘combs’, with a call-out linking to further ‘grainspiration’ on back of pack under the title ‘5 days, 5 ways’. Encouraging personalisation is just the start of what’s set to take off on Instagram and other social channels.

This is a brand that clearly targets the needs of millennial women. No fad dieting, promises of bikini-beautiful figures or photoshopped morning sunlight-bleached photography. Just clear visual signposting of a relevant brand with relevant products at a democratic price point.

Smashing category norms and swerving all the usual category clichés, the new-look Good Grain transforms the brand’s unpretentious simplicity into its biggest advantage: versatility and creativity. With three initial products in the range, Good Grain is now proud to be the healthy breakfast you can really have fun with. The new brand launched in most national supermarkets this month.

Gary Lewis, MD of Brands at Brecks, said, “We wanted to take healthiness from niche audiences and create a modern brand for the masses. Robot Food have dared to be different and we love the results. We now have the strong purpose, appealing personality and stand-out branding we need to attract modern consumers that enjoy good food. Good Grain is ready to push breakfast cereals to the next level.”

Simon Forster, Creative Director at Robot Food, said, “Doing away with category expectations is always fun plus you don’t get shelf standout by following the herd. This is a category dominated by massive brands with dubious claims, and a plethora of rustically charming brands targeting the affluent middle class. In well-timed contrast, Good Grain is now a compelling brand for everyone interested in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.”

Source: Robot Food

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