Greenpeople Launches New Water Bottles That Highlight Just How Much We Waste

Greenpeople, the organic pressed juices brand, has launched a new range of water bottles that, instead of using litres or millilitres, measure the contents by daily activities that can waste water, from brushing your teeth to showering.

The bottles, which were devised by Cheil Brazil, are launching on World Water Day (Friday March 22) and aim to alert people about the dangers of wasting water.

The bottles will be sent to influencers related to wellness, design and environment – and will be distributed for free during World Water Day in Greenpeople stores in both Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo in Brazil.

“Greenpeople has sustainability in its DNA and we are super excited to contribute to a legacy that will go beyond a healthy diet. That’s why we are launching Waste Measures, to surprise and engage people so they can make little changes in their daily life, that will have a huge impact,” says Bianca Laufer, Greenpeople founder.

Claudio Lima, CCO, at Cheil LATAM said: “By creating this new unity of measurement, we’ll make people realise exactly how much water they waste daily, even if it’s for a few seconds.”

Source: Little Black Book

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