Grey Goose Serves Up “The Winning Shot” at the 2015 US Open

Grey Goose vodka, known for celebrating the “World’s Best,” toasts to its longstanding US Open partnership with a premiere activation taking New York City by storm. For the first time during its partnership with the world-renowned tennis tournament, Grey Goose transforms Manhattan’s grid into a tennis court the size of the city, bringing the daytime action of the US Open to night life off the court with a series of legendary private after-parties located at premium ‘Winning Shot’ venues across New York City.

The US Open brings an unmatched level of excitement to New York City every summer. While the majority of the action of the US Open typically only takes place in Queens, this year, Grey Goose infuses the spirit of the US Open into Manhattan with ‘The Winning Shot’. On each day of the US Open finals, Grey Goose will celebrate winning shots hit by world-class players on the court. The location of these exceptional shots will then be translated onto Manhattan’s grid system, where Grey Goose will surprise individuals (21+) with extraordinary private after-parties.

Individuals can receive alerts and RSVP here. Combining the Grey Goose spirit with New York’s long history of love for tennis, ‘The Winning Shot’ will be a remarkable surprise for everyone in the city.

“Grey Goose honors those who Fly Beyond in their athletic endeavors and acknowledges their extraordinary paths to achievement,” said Tom Swift, VP Managing Director, Grey Goose vodka. “We look forward to providing US Open spectators and enthusiasts across New York City with the opportunity to celebrate these individuals’ wins, and be a real part of the excitement both on and off the court with us through ‘The Winning Shot’.”

With the return of the US Open comes the Grey Goose Honey Deuce, a fan favorite at the US Open and a refreshing summer cocktail made with lemonade raspberry liqueur and Honeydew Melon “tennis balls.” The US Open signature cocktail will be available for purchase in commemorative souvenir cups listing past US Open champions at the main Grey Goose bar in Arthur Ashe Stadium and select Grey Goose carts stationed throughout the tournament grounds.

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