Heineken Raises a Glass to the Spontaneous and Drops New “Cheers to the Unexpected” Campaign

Heineken raised the curtains on a new US-led integrated marketing campaign dubbed “Cheers to the Unexpected.” The series of television commercials, digital spots and outdoor branding pull from US insights, which showcase that Heineken drinkers thrive for spontaneity, and those who embrace it are happier in life. Each of the new ads encourages viewers to take advantage of everyday experiences to not only live in the moment, but to embrace possibilities and discover all that life has in store.

The first spot, “New Friends,” debuts nationwide across platforms today, June 14th, and features a guest walking unknowingly into a wild house celebration where he becomes the life of the party, instead of the low-key dinner party he was actually invited to on the floor below. Scanning the room for familiar faces, he doesn’t recognise anyone. However, when another guest welcomes him and exchanges his wine for a Heineken, he realises that “sometimes the wrong party is the right one” and makes the night one worth remembering.

A second spot, airing June 19th for World Cup named “Introduction,” opens on a couple who look to be gazing longingly into each other’s eyes at a sports bar while the big match is on. As we zoom in, we see their pupils widening, and just when you think they’re about to kiss, they jump and cheer with the crowd over a goal, as the viewer realises they’ve been watching soccer all along. Soccer has been a central platform for Heineken globally for decades, and Heineken continues to establish its standing as the worldwide leader in the sport and its commitment to growing the beautiful game in the US.

“Life isn’t about following a path. It’s about seizing the moments we sometimes never expected,” said Jonnie Cahill, Chief Marketing Officer, Heineken USA. “Freddy Heineken said, ‘there’s always something happening around a beer.’ With “Cheers to the Unexpected,” we are bringing that to life, showcasing how beer and Heineken can bring people together, and raising a glass to the surprise moments that make life worth celebrating.”

The new commercials were created by Publicis Worldwide New York. In addition to “New Friends” and “Introduction,” the series will feature two additional spots debuting throughout the remainder of 2018, one this summer and another around the holiday season.

Source: Publicis Worldwide New York

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