Jägermeister and Proximity Barcelona Release a New Kind of Branded Content

Proximity Barcelona was recently chosen by Jägermeister to develop the marketing campaign for their new brand positioning of 2019, winning out over numerous proposals.

Since then, the agency has been working on its first campaign which will now launch under the concept “Be the Meister.” This campaign takes the musical concept “featuring” one step further, creating a new type of content that further blurs the line between entertainment and advertising.

A New And Innovative Format

We’ve all heard the covers, the crossovers and even the duets between artists that would have seemed incompatible. What Jägermeister and Proximity Barcelona propose is a fusion of two songs and two music videos from two different artists that, when they come together, create a new song and a new music video. 

In this way, Jägermeister can transmit its new positioning through an unpublished piece in audiovisual format, and with voices that its audience would be willing to listen to: two urban music artists.

Rels B, one of the most successful Spanish hip hop and trap musicians, and Deva, an emerging artist who mixes different styles of urban music, are the artists chosen to compose two songs, “Ballin’” (Rels B) and “Quién Quieres Ser” (Deva). These songs have been independently released in the Spanish market, and following the strategy of musical releases, included the production of their music videos.

In addition, based on the consumption trends of the target market, the two videos have been shot in vertical format so that, when they come together, a third video is discovered: a piece full of visual games and symmetries that also complements the individual stories.

In addition, thanks to the musical production of Anthony Kilhoffer (the famous producer from Los Angeles who has worked with artists such as Kanye West or Rick Ross), the union of the songs by Rels B and Deva transforms into a new composition that mixes their two styles with the track titled “Be the Meister.”

Based On Real Events

The music video of the song “Be the Meister,” which comes from the union of the individual music videos by Rels B and Deva. Both artists are known to have triumphed by breaking the rules of the music industry and by relying only on their own resources. Choosing this path meant they had to leave behind precarious employment and social pressures in order to be faithful to their dream: to dedicate themselves to their music.

Their stories bring the new brand positioning of Jägermeister to the Spanish public: The“Be the Meister” concept is based on an attitude that unites effort and ambition with an irreverent style. These are values ​​that are authentic and identifiable for Generation Z, and attractive to the Millennial generation, which are the two audiences at which the campaign is directed.

Advertising For A Public That Hates It

Addressing a generation that is not interested in advertising messages was the greatest challenge faced by Jägermeister and the Proximity Barcelona team. For this reason, they have chosen to move away from traditional marketing channels, and to give their audience what really interests them: sharable content in its original format, and with a message and a language that they perceive as truly “theirs.” A trap rhythm can reach people in these generations in a way that a manifesto with a voice-over cannot.

Amanda Muñiz, Client Services Director of Proximity Barcelona, ​​explains the complications that form a part of such an ambitious campaign: “Working for a brand as important as Jägermeister has been a very interesting opportunity. This campaign is a new example of where advertising is going: content with concept. In keeping with that, we’ve come up with a new formula: 1 + 1 = 3.”

1 + 1 = 3 Music Videos

To rise to the challenge that involved the production of two music videos that, when put together, generated a third video, Jägermeister and Proximity Barcelona relied on the CANADA production company, which has been responsible for successful music videos such as “Malamente” (Rosalía) or “Mala Mujer” (C. Tangana). This was a close collaboration that has demonstrated the importance of mixing strategy, creativity and production in order to create quality branded content.

Of course, the campaign can be followed on YouTube. Following in the footsteps of the strategies of the latest major urban music releases, there will also be exterior viewing opportunities, such as on giant screens erected in Callao, Madrid. All the campaign’s content, such as the individual videos, the joint third video, the making-of, and the original songs can be found on the Jägermeister website.

Source: Proximity Barcelona

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