Jameson Looks to Newly Designed Bitters to Tell ‘Authentic’ Brand Story

jameson_bittersJameson is hoping the launch of its newly created Wild Sloe Berry Bitters will help communicate its product origins and give fans a new way to taste its well-known flavours.

The Pernod Ricard-owned Irish whisky worked with Pearlfisher to create the brand and packaging design for Wild Sloe Berry Bitters that aims to be visually distinctive, whilst complementing the Jameson master brand.

Explaining the design rationale Pearlfisher senior creative strategist, Jack Hart said the agency wanted to use Bitters as an opportunity to tell a story of “authenticity, not around heritage,” specifically through the product origins and how it’s sourced, foraged and made.

“This allows Jameson to enhance its credentials as a true localvore, sharing their knowledge of the Irish countryside and all it has to offer,” he added. “In this way, we better connect bartenders to the whole drinks-making process and provide them with genuine gestures that take them beyond the bar and to the very source of the ingredients they use.”

The resulting design has a rustic feel and features hand illustrated and hand written detailing with a simple use of colour to represent the product’s natural ingredients.

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