JKR Creates Brand Identity For New Dining Concept Booma

jkr-booma-1Global brand design agency jones knowles ritchie (jkr) has developed a brand and visual identity for Booma, a new dining concept launching in Brixton this month which pairs Indian food with craft beer.

jkr was approached by the Booma founders earlier in 2016 with just a name and a concept, and has developed all design assets for the brand, including the logo, external signage for the restaurant, menus, coasters, uniforms, wall art, animations for use across social media channels and food photography for the website.

Defying traditional concepts

Booma is the brainchild of Martin Harley from London Village Inns, whose vision was to offer diners delicious Indian food served with great craft beer. Harley says: “Booma is a new concept in dining, it is not just a pub that offers food or a restaurant that serves craft beer. We are giving our customers a completely new experience, and we wanted a logo and brand that reflected this.”

jkr was briefed to create a brand identity that captured this sense of excitement and fresh thinking, and the agency crafted a concept which celebrated the idea of bringing together food and drink to create perfect flavour combinations.

Steering away from stereotypical design choices that are traditionally used in marketing both Indian restaurants and craft beer, jkr decided to create a bold, striking design palette that showcased the originality of the concept and also acted as a flexible system for the brand to allow for expansion in the future.

A Striking Symbol

jkr created an icon for the brand that consisted of a transparent outline of an upside down beer bottle, topped with a hand painted stalk to depict the image of a chilli. The symbol is a direct representation of the experience diners have when drinking and eating at Booma, bringing together food and beer to create a perfect match.

Alex Stewart, design director at jkr, explains: “Booma is something new and different, and it was crucial that the design identity reflected this. Using the traditional visual language associated with Indian restaurants and craft beers would send the wrong message, so we decided to take the design aesthetic in an unexpected direction, fitting with its personality and vision. Essentially, we haven’t just created a logo for a restaurant but the foundations for a long-lasting and flexible brand. The simplicity of the design sums up the unique nature of what Booma offers and also acts as a platform for a range of dynamic and engaging executions.”

Source: jkr

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