KitKat Wants You to Take a Break from ‘Searching for Love’ this Valentine’s Day

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Following the release of two new radio ads on February 13, KitKat have continued to spread the love on Valentine’s Day with a new spot on the brand’s social channels.

Titled ‘Searching for Love’ the video sees a Google search in progress for romantic things to buy. This goes on for a while before the iconic ‘Have a Break, Have a KitKat’ slogan pops-up.

“Valentine’s Day creeps up on the best of us. This social post for KitKat pokes a bit of fun at the last minute panic some of us go through in our show of love for our partners (I’m fine by the way, I bought something a few weeks ago),” said Naz Nazli, Senior Creative at J. Walter Thompson London.


Project name: Searching for Love
Client and Job Title: Nestle Kit Kat
Creative agency: J. Walter Thompson London
Executive Creative Director: Lucas Peon
Creative Director: Fernando Barbella / Jason Berry
Creative: Naz Nazli
Creative Technologists: Melisa Wong

Source: KitKat

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