McCain Shifts From Freezer to Fridge with New BrandOpus Design

mcc_gourmet_roasts_pr_crop_v2_loAfter over 50 successful years in frozen foods McCain UK, are branching out in a new direction with the launch of a range of chilled potato products designed by global brand design agency BrandOpus.

As a company focused on growth and innovation, McCain identified an opportunity to create relevance and engage with a growing number of consumers who prefer to shop within the chilled aisle than the freezer aisle. The brand that made chips and French fries relevant in the frozen category has drawn on its considerable expertise with potatoes to deliver an innovative new range designed especially for the fridge.

BrandOpus has created pack designs to support two distinctive concepts within the range. The refined and contemporary style of the Gourmet Range focuses on recreating a premium restaurant experience within the home, for the more discerning home diner. The original and bold Shake-Shake Range literally ‘shakes up the category’ bringing excitement to mealtimes with innovative products designed to enhance the overall home-dining experience.

mcc_shake_shake_fries_real_crop_v2_loBrandOpus Design Director, Edward Clark says, “This is an exciting move for McCain and we are proud to be part of the story. From a design perspective, brands expanding into new categories can present challenges in terms of opening consumers minds to new associations with the brand, however as McCain has such strong existing equity it’s been able to translate their relevance into previously unchartered areas.”

McCain UK Marketing Director, Mark Hodge says, “Currently only 8% of the chilled potato market is accounted for by chips and fries, compared to 68% in frozen. Therefore there’s huge potential for growth for McCain within the category. BrandOpus has been pivotal to enabling us to make this transition and we are looking forward to building the brand within its new chilled home.”

Source: BrandOpus

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