Miso Tasty Shaking up the Japanese Cooking Category with Branding by Greatergood

Design studio Greatergood have launched new branding for Japanese superfood brand, Miso Tasty.

Speaking about the project Daniel Hinde, Founder of Greatergood, said: “We worked with Japanese superfood Miso Tasty on a rebranding and full packaging range, in order to attract and enter the major retailers and supermarkets. We hero’d founder and chef Bonnie Chung on the front of all packs as our ‘Miso Master’, pairing with enticing copy and quirks throughout packs taking consumers on a ‘Taste Trip’ and making miso more accessible for a mass market. Miso Tasty was then rebranded across all products including soups, pastes, meal kits, and more. Look out for Miso Tasty in all major retailers soon!”

Miso Tasty’s Founder Bonnie Chung added: “We worked with Greatergood on developing our branding and packaging across several ranges in order to attract new consumers and make authentic Japanese cuisine more accessible. After a hugely successful crowdfunding campaign and successful listing in further retailers we are ecstatic with our outcome and looking forward to working with Greatergood on many more projects to come!”

The new packaging is now available across the UK.

Source: Greatergood

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