New Look Juicy Water Unveiled Just In Time For Summer

SplashJuicy Water, the refreshing drink made from fruit and spring water, will be hitting shelves from April with a brand new look.

Formerly known as This Water, Juicy Water retains the great refreshing taste but with eye-catching new packaging, making it the perfect choice for a summer thirst-quenching drink.

The new look was designed by B&B to keep the same recognised look and feel as This Water, whilst creating a new modern look that really stands out on shelf.

With refreshed imagery and pictures of real fruits, the new packaging highlights the pure juices and crushed fruit that go in to every bottle of Juicy Water to make it such a delicious choice.

Emilie Stephenson, Juicy Water brand manager, says:

The new packaging keeps the same clean and simple look which our drinkers love, and the new imagery makes our bottles more eye-catching. We will be supporting this re-brand with an exciting summer activity to include press, temperature-activated digital media and experiential which we will run when it’s hot so keep your eyes peeled and hope for sun.

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