Newby Teas Launches Special Edition Collectible Festive Tea Caddy for the Chinese Year of the Dog 2018

From Sophia Loren and David Bowie to Mother Theresa, the Chinese Year of the Dog has produced a raft of renowned figures and stars. To celebrate this Chinese New Year, Newby Teas has created a special edition 2018 Festive Tea Caddy that promises to be a hit with dog lovers, tea connoisseurs and those wishing to mark the start of an important year in the Chinese calendar.

The caddy holds Newby’s signature black Festive Tea, a limited edition and irresistible blend of Newby’s award-winning Assam tea imbued with the subtle taste of the finest almonds. The beautifully designed caddy features four distinguished characters, each with its own unique illustration. Each is situated in a different season and captures the auspicious qualities of the Year of the Dog; honesty, kindness and prudence – safeguarding the wealth and fortune that the year ahead promises to bring.

Aneta Aslakhanova, Global Marketing Director at Newby Teas and Curator-Director of the world’s largest tea accessories collection, the Chitra Collection, said: “The 12-year cycle of the Chinese zodiac is steeped in culture and mythology and equally as honoured and rich in history as the Chinese culture of tea. In Chinese culture, there are numerous tea preparation and drinking traditions, with various meanings; whether it be to mark respect, to celebrate family gatherings, to apologise, or to show gratitude. Taking inspiration from this magnificent history, Newby Teas is incredibly proud to celebrate this fusion of fascinating culture, and the start of a new year, with a unique caddy specially designed for the occasion.”

Nirmal Sethia, Founder of Newby Teas, said: “According to ancient Chinese zodiac beliefs, the animal ruling one’s birth year has a profound influence on personality, and destiny. Those born in the Year of the Dog are independent, sincere, loyal and decisive, they are not afraid of the difficulties that can come with daily life and will do anything for those they hold dear. Sharing these zodiac qualities are two esteemed British figures born in the Year of the Dog, Sadiq Khan and Prince William – what great company to be in and a superb omen for the year ahead.”

The 2018 limited edition collector’s item is dedicated to the earth dog, the 11th position in the 12-year cycle of the Chinese zodiac. In ancient Chinese mythology, dogs hold an exceedingly meaningful place, hailing luck and good fortune in wealth. If a dog happens to enter your home, it symbolises the coming of fortune. The Newby Festive Tea Caddy is for those who wish to mark the Year of the Dog by giving and receiving a gift which symbolises good health and prosperity.

Gwen Hustwit, General Manager, Creative & Marketing at Newby Teas said: “For the Chinese Year of the Earth Dog, we are proud to present the Festive Tea Caddy, a personalised collectable item for tea drinkers and dog lovers everywhere. Each character has been carefully selected with the aim of honouring Chinese culture and mythology and the result is a very special luxury tea gift that will brighten and cheer any living space.”

The sides of the Festive Tea Caddy are guarded by four celebrated characters in Chinese culture:

  • Pekingese – Spring: Known as the Lion Dog, found in ancient works of art, palaces, temples and legends. The Pekingese represents wealth and dignity, revered as a traditional Chinese symbol of royalty.
  • Shar-Pei – Summer: A guardian and fighting dog of ancient Chinese emperors, the Shar-Pei is celebrated for its devotion and loyalty to family and friends.
  • Chow Chow – Autumn: The Chow Chow is said to be the inspiration for Foo Dogs, the stone guardians of China’s holy Buddhist temples, and is a symbol of everlasting friendship and security.
  • Husky – Winter: Intelligent, adventurous and athletic, the Husky serves as a firm friend and protector who safeguards new pursuits, projects and journeys.

From 1 November 2017, the Festive Tea Caddy will be available exclusively online at priced at £15.00.

Source: Newby Teas

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