Oreo Unveils New Flavours with Series of Twisted Low-Cal Viral Video Recipes

oreo_twisted2Jungle Creations is leading the bulk of a seven week digital video campaign (22 August – 3 October) on social media for Mondelez to launch two new flavours of Oreo: mint and strawberry cheesecake.

Impressed with both the engagement levels and quality of the social content created by the young team, Mondelez tasked Jungle Creations with creating a video led campaign with the new flavours as the stars.

The Plan

In order to leverage Mondelez’s existing multi-channel flavour launch plan (which includes an experiential travelling Flavour Mobile) Jungle Creations put forward an ambitious plan which included: two branded video articles, six original branded recipe videos and one branded live stream with an influencer presenting from the Oreo Flavour Mobile.


oreo_twisted3Up until this campaign, the agency hadn’t worked within the same restraints a global brand such as Oreo requires. The team were used to coming up with creative recipes which translate into highly engaging videos designed to attract a huge number of views… but they hadn’t to necessarily factor in nutritional constraints, before. Oreo’s brief was that not only should the recipes and videos be drool-worthy and copy-at-home inspiring, but each serving of the final product should also sit under a maximum of 250 calories.

Facebook live streaming is relatively new format to distribute branded content and the nature of live video can be unpredictable. Fortunately, Jungle Creations have close relations with a number of trusted and expert influencers who are well practised at ad libbing and commanding a live situation in a way that is both entertaining and feels natural.


After much research, brainstorming and testing, the team came up with six original, easy to make, delicious (and relatively healthy) recipes, putting a spin on a much loved product.

On 15th September, Jungle Creations delivered a live stream from the Oreo Flavour Mobile, stationed in Birmingham and manned by comedian and social media personality, Arron Crascall.

The Results So Far

oreo_twisted1The first two videos, which went live a week apart, have so far amassed a combined total of 9.1m views, 33.2k likes and reactions, 8,477 comments and 65.4k shares.

The third recipe video, in little over 24 hours, had garnered more than 2.2m views, 16,093 shares, 3,394 comments and 14k likes and reactions.

As an awareness and reach campaign, the most useful KPI is obviously in views and engagement. The overall tone and sentiment for viewers of these videos has been very positive with hundreds of viewers tagging friends and family and commenting about when they intended to try the new flavours and recipes.

Jungle Creations Quote

“It’s been an absolute pleasure working with a global brand such as Oreo. The brands compatibility with our flagship food channel Twisted has been obvious from the start, so to now work with them on a 2 month campaign has been great. We’ve had to work closely with the brand teams to achieve every objective and target that’s been set, including keeping the final serving of each dish under 250 calories. Originally we thought this would be a challenge, but after so research into healthier food substitutes we found that it was more than achievable and both ourselves and the brand are really happy with the final recipes.

We’ve had a really positive response to the creative that’s gone into the campaign from both the client and our audience. It seems we’ve created some genuinely memorable recipes. Beyond this, we wanted to offer something to the client that is very new to the market, Facebook Live. Using our network of influencers, we selected the perfect influencer to represent Twisted and promote the brand on a Facebook Live stream on our channels. Alike the recipe videos the results of the live stream were brilliant and the brand team were very happy.

We’re looking forward to continuing the great results for the remainder of the campaign and maintaining a great relationship with Oreo into next year.”

Source: Jungle Creations

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