Pepsi Release New Uncle Drew Content in time for NBA All-Star Weekend

America’s favourite Uncle is back. The beloved elderly alter ego “Uncle Drew,” played by Cleveland Cavaliers star Kyrie Irving, is returning to school fans on basketball commentary with the release of a new “Uncle Drew” clip called All-Star Game.

The content is available on the all-new which is fully available tomorrow at the start of NBA All-Star Weekend. Fans were able to preview the site at the beginning of February for a glimpse of the digital one-stop-shop for all things Uncle Drew. Fans will now have full access to exclusive Uncle Drew merchandise, behind-the-scenes footage of the cast’s character transformations and the catalogue of Uncle Drew episodes to date.

The vignette features Irving and returning co-stars including former two-time NBA All-Star Baron Davis as Louis,” and actor JB Smoove as “Angelo.” The storyline picks up from the chapter four prequel with all three characters hanging out in their neighbourhood pizza parlour engaging in their signature back and forth banter about basketball. New Uncle Drew shorts will be released throughout the rest of this year’s NBA season.

“With fresh and exciting content, Pepsi will look to reignite the courtside excitement around Uncle Drew and continue its legacy of rewarding fans with fun, exciting and authentic moments in pop culture and sports,” states Aziel Rivers, Director, Pepsi Marketing. “With the availability of brand new Uncle Drew merchandise on, we are really able to show the evolution of the Uncle Drew brand which keeps fans connected at multiple touch points both on and off the screen.”

Next in line for the Uncle Drew franchise are plans to feature Uncle Drew in a feature length film conceived, developed and produced by PepsiCo’s in-house content creation arm, Creators League Studio.

“Every day, we continue to extend the equity of our iconic Pepsi brand beyond the bottle,” says Lou Arbetter, General Manager, Creators League Studio. “Today’s consumers want to live the brand as much as consume it, and the tremendous success we’ve had with the Uncle Drew franchise is a perfect example of how we’re building ecosystems around our flagship brands. Pepsi and Kyrie Irving are looking forward to expanding the Uncle Drew universe. We are excited for the recent launches of both and a corresponding merchandise line, and can confirm there are plans to feature Uncle Drew in a feature length film.”

Uncle Drew will return to New Orleans at 2017’s NBA All-Star Weekend for an Uncle Drew pop-up shop as the ultimate fan experience. The space, modelled after Uncle Drew’s favourite local pizza joint, will feature never-before-seen Uncle Drew merchandise not available online, Uncle Drew themed menu items and fan meet-and-greet opportunities with Baron Davis, Dr. J, J.B. Smoove along with other special basketball greats.

Pepsi’s longtime media partner iHeartMedia will also be on-site equipping fans with music, Uncle Drew prizes, giveaways and more with famed radio personalities DJ Envy and DJ Poppa.

Source: PepsiCo

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