Pepsi & Walter Pakistan Bring Eco Friendly Lighting to the Underprivileged

PepsiCo Pakistan has launched “Lighting up Lives,” a nationwide campaign created by Walter Pakistan that invites consumers to help deliver eco-friendly lighting to underprivileged communities simply through buying a bottle of Pepsi during the holy month of Ramadan.

CHY3wIKUwAElIclPepsi is the global partner of Liter of Light, an organisation dedicated to bringing eco-friendly lights to people living without electricity. Using simple, green technology, Liter of Light turns empty multi-serve plastic Pepsi bottles into solar-powered light sources, which have been deployed in communities across Philippines, India, Indonesia and Pakistan.

During Ramadan PepsiCo Pakistan will donate Re. 1 for every 1.75L bottle of Pepsi purchased, enabling Pakistani consumers to become part of the movement to end darkness in underprivileged homes across the country.

The challenge was to bring out the message of “Lighting up Lives” in a youthful yet emotional way that communicated the idea to the core target group and a wider audience.

CHeBu3iUMAAWRBeWalter, PepsiCo’s creative partner in Pakistan, crafted a TVC that features young local stars, Hamza Ali Abbasi, Sanam Saeed, Syra Shahroz and Azzfar Rehman , as well as the voice of Pakistani Sufi musical legend, Abida Parveen, who sang “Noor-e-Azal, Noor-e-Khuda” “Light Eternal Light Divine”, the theme song for the campaign.

“We aimed to create a heartwarming, feel-good campaign to establish an instant emotional bond with the consumers so they’d want to watch it again and again, and hopefully, be motivated to become part of the Liter of Light cause,” said Asma Nabeel, chief creative officer at Walter.

CHjemMpUwAEHzoC“Ramadan is a month of warmth, compassion and blessings, and with this campaign, we sought to create a natural and emotional fit with the brand, elevating it to stand for something bigger during this holy month.”

The campaign broke on June 10, a week before the start of Ramadan, airing simultaneously on 55 TV channels (both satellite and terrestrial) throughout the prime time 6 pm to 9 pm slot – a first in the history of Pakistan advertising. The campaign will continue to run throughout the month, along with a comprehensive integrated marketing communications that cross all touch points.

CHoDoNKWEAAPmXy“Liter of light is a powerful initiative and as an iconic brand we wanted to take the idea to the next level. It was important for us to appeal to a wider audience while keeping the core target market in mind,” said Muneeza Anwar, brand manager Colas, PepsiCo Pakistan.

“As a brand, it’s important for us to inspire the youth and help the community. Ramadan provided the perfect harmony for this concept to come to life,” added Salman Butt, marketing manager Colas, PepsiCo Pakistan.

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