Popchips Recognises ‘Tokenistic’ Efforts of Brits to Stay Healthy

12509911_10153956478076495_7139755198798558682_nPopchips has launched a refreshed brand campaign as it targets health conscious Brits with a humorous recognition of the tokenistic efforts they are prepared to make to be healthy.

LGPOP003_6$_v22Running with the tagline ‘Be a bit good’, the out of home, press, point of sale and digital work includes lines such as: “You went to the gym! (To enquire)” and “You’ve been running everyday! (For the past one days)”.

LGPOP003_6$_v23It is a move away from the usual celeb-fronted work it has run in the past. The Californian-snack brand is hoping this tact will better appeal to everyday crisp lovers who are trying to be a little healthier (unlike regular crisps, popchips are not fried).

Ruth Fittock, Popchips’ European marketing manager, said: “This is an exciting time for the Popchips brand and we’re confident that our lighthearted new campaign will strike a chord in the UK, setting us apart from all bland and serious snack brands on the market.”

It marks the first campaign from Lucky Generals since it won the account last July. A PR campaign will launch later this month developed by Mischief.


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