Pure Creates Quirky Challenger Brand Free of Charge

The Quirky Cook PRNottingham based design agency Pure has created the brand & packaging for independent food maker The Quirky Cook as part of a company scheme called ‘Purely Because.’ Founded by Kay Wagstaff in 2008, The Quirky Cook produces chutneys, relishes and preserves from home.

Pure’s David Rogers explains, “I came up with ‘Purely Because’ a few years ago as a way of giving back and to emphasise how important branding is whether you are a market leader or operating out of your home. The Quirky Cook is a local business I felt we could really help steer with a great name and a blank canvass in terms of how we approached the branding.”

For David Rogers the starting point for brand development was to ignore the obvious, “It would have been very easy to focus on the fact that these products are handmade but with the brand name there was opportunity to be a little quirky and create something truly unique.”

The brand developed by Pure works around illustrated depictions of The Quirky Cook and copy lines tailored to the usage of each one of the 22 products in the range. For example, the label on the jar of Beetroot & Orange Chutney reads, ‘She was a magician with a cold meat platter who always had something up her sleeve.’

For David Rogers, the branding has an extra dimension to it, “Typical of challenger branding the bespoke imagery and engaging text act as a mini advertisement on pack.”

Kay Wagstaff was delighted with the outcome, “Pure created inspirational branding with personality and character that reflects who I am and what I make in a totally unique way. There is no other brand like it. I cannot thank them enough for their advice, creativity and sponsorship.”

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