Pure Designs Launch Packaging for Glorious Street Food Soups

Glorious has launched a new range of street food soups with design by Nottingham based brand and packaging specialist Pure.

As a brand, Glorious changed the notion of soup from a winter warmer into a taste exploration with recipes inspired by ingredients and flavours from around the world. The new range sits perfectly with the brand’s approach, capitalising on the popularity of street food, a cultural trend that has boomed in recent years.

The new design is an extension of Glorious soups iconic brand look, built on illustrated letters as focal points on packs. To fit the theme, the illustrations feature traditional street vendor carts adorned with product ingredients.

Pure’s Creative Director David Rogers, said “There is no doubt that street food is here to stay with London now home to specialist markets selling a diverse range of street foods. We’ve brought the concept to the supermarket with bold design and striking illustrations that are a feast for the eyes.”

The project is part of an on-going relationship with Glorious which began in 2015 with Pure re-designing the Glorious Meal and Skinnylicious ranges, before creating a Glorious Super Soups range extension based on super foods.

The new Glorious Street Food range is exclusive to Sainsbury’s.

Source: Pure

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