PUR’s New Campaign By Arnold Asks ‘What Are You Drinking?’

Over the past several years, PUR has been bringing the issue of possible tap water contaminants to the forefront, with the goal of providing consumers with the education and tools they need to make informed decisions about their water.

These tools show that, while contaminants are not in all users’ water, they often appear as a result of either water treatment limitations or from travelling through miles of ageing underground pipes. And while awareness of the issue has increased, many still believe that “it’s not my problem” – unless they live in a place like Flint, MI. And, they may not fully consider what it means on a more personal level for the people drinking it, or providing that water to their families.

Through a new campaign – “What are you drinking?” – PUR and creative agency Arnold are looking to combat the “it’s not my problem” mentality with a series of films designed to powerfully reinforce the relevance of tap water quality in your life, and in the lives of those you care for. The films bring the problem into people’s homes by exploring it through familiar life moments – from trying to cook healthy meals for your family to giving your child a glass of water at bedtime.

Launching June 15, three :15 online videos tell stories that highlight our accountability as caretakers, in terms of ensuring the water quality we provide to our loved ones. This campaign marks a shift for PUR from an education-centered approach toward a more disruptive, emotionally-led marketing effort.

The executions are intended to call attention to the possibility of contaminants in the water you give to those you care most about – your family. The campaign’s ultimate goal is to compel action and drive purchase, emphasizing the importance of selecting and using the best solution for faucet water filtration: PUR.

A set of :06 videos will continue that push, retargeting those who have seen the :15s, or who are experiencing relevant life moments when questions may arise around tap water quality. These short but impactful videos will be served up to new parents, new pet owners, those who have recently moved and those who are interested in healthy cooking.

Source: Little Black Book

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