San Miguel Unveils Consumer Push to Create ‘The San Miguel Rich List’

San Miguel, one of the UK’s leading world beer brand, has announced a consumer campaign to celebrate life’s enriching experiences, in partnership with The Guardian and The Discovery Channel.

In line with its heritage and brand promise of “Exploring the World Since 1890”, the campaign will see San Miguel undertake a quest to find 20 ‘life-rich’ individuals from across the globe who have unique, compelling, aspirational human stories.

A series of beautifully shot short films focusing on four of the individuals will bring the campaign to life through Facebook, YouTube and video on demand, while a partnership with the Discovery Channel will reach a targeted audience through a variety of idents, editorial and commercial TV spots. San_Miguel_BottleEach will focus on selected individuals and air during peak programming times from July to December 2016, alongside digital and social support.

In addition, The Guardian will feature a series of DPS advertorials from early August until the end of the year, including a special rich list supplement. It will also create a bespoke hub and interactive rich list on its website as well as curating a series of ‘life-rich’ events across the country where members of the public will have the opportunity to meet the individuals. All activity will drive consumers to the central campaign hub hosted here.

Liam Newton, Carlsberg UK’s Vice President of Marketing, said: “This is an incredibly exciting time for the brand in the UK, with 2016 being the biggest year of investment to date and with value sales up 10% in the last year. This campaign is based on our brand research which showed that San Miguel drinkers value experiences and are continually looking for fulfilling ways to live their lives. This campaign responds directly to that desire and is intended to build brand equity with our ‘experience seeking’ audience.”

Running alongside this new campaign is the San Miguel TV commercial, which was launched last year. With a £7m spend over this year and last, the UK ad campaign is designed to give insight into the brand’s 125-year history as well as promising a future full of rich experiences under the banner of “And The Best is Yet to Come”.

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