Savvy: Innovation Drives Gin and Whisky Trend in the UK

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A new research by shopper and retail marketing agency Savvy, which looks into drinkers’ attitudes towards spirits and cocktails in the UK, has confirmed vodka as the spirit that most drinkers feel is relevant to them.

“Vodka is still the spirit that is relevant to most drinkers, but innovation in products and brands means gin is becoming the talk of town,” says Alastair Lockhart, Insight Director at Savvy. “More broadly, we are amidst a period of unprecedented innovation in the spirits and cocktail category. The increasing use of social to share experiences, more engaging bar experiences and the rise of new brands and sub-brands, means our interest in cocktails and spirits is evolving rapidly.”

Known for its versatility, vodka was mentioned by 53 percent (of the 800 UK drinkers surveyed) as being relevant to them, rising to 65 percent among under 35s.

However, it is gin that is on trend according to the survey. In London, the birthplace of emerging national trends in the UK, gin is the spirit that has most relevance, mentioned by 56 percent, so slightly ahead of vodka (54 percent).

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Most interestingly however, Savvy also asked respondents which spirits their friends were talking about more now than they were a year ago and gin topped the list, mentioned by 15 percent, rising to 19 percent among under 35s. Whisky too is enjoying positive momentum – head-to-head with gin in relevance amongst Londoners and as the sprit that is most relevant to male drinkers across the UK.

The pina colada was voted as the UK’s favourite cocktail (38 percent), followed by the mojito with 33 percent of the vote.

The UK is open to trying new beverages too and 35 percent of all drinkers actively look out for new drinks – rising to 50 percent of those under 35 years of age. Trying the latest cocktails also appeals to 41 percent of all drinkers – rising to 61 percent of under 35’s.

Source: Savvy

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