Seymourpowell and Suntory Beverage and Food GB&I collaborate on packaging design for latest -196 brand launch

The design and innovation agency partners once again with the Ribena and Lucozade producer as it expands into the RTD alcohol market in Great Britain

Strategic design and innovation agency Seymourpowell has unveiled the UK packaging design for Japanese ready-to-drink brand -196 (minus one nine six) – a new addition to the British RTD alcohol market, introduced by Ribena and Lucozade producer, Suntory Beverage & Food GB&I (SBF GB&I).

-196 was originally launched by Suntory Holdings in Japan in 2005. The -196 brand name is a reference to the use of Suntory’s proprietary freeze crush infusion technology. This unique process freezes the whole fruit by using liquid nitrogen at -196°C and the frozen zest, pulp and juice are then crushed into powder and infused with vodka. The brand brings something new and different to the RTD alcohol category in Great Britain, combining a traditional Japanese spirit with modern technology to deliver an exciting new taste and experience for consumers.

Following successful market expansions into Australia and China, -196’s debut in Great Britain marks a significant milestone for SBF GB&I, as the soft drinks company launches into the alcohol sector for the first time.

With a proven track record of successful collaborations – including branding and packaging renovation for Ribena – Seymourpowell was chosen to help SBF GB&I during this important launch. The design and innovation agency was tasked with adapting -196’s existing packaging design to resonate with a British audience, elevating the drink and matching the popularity it already receives within the Asian markets. 

Seymourpowell’s initial step was to understand the appetite for a Japanese product with British consumers, as well as how it could translate geographically. Consumer research sessions led by SBF GB&I helped to evaluate consumers’ responses to a variety of packaging concepts, before embarking on the production phase. 

As a result, the chosen design subtly adapts -196’s global base packaging whilst introducing unique graphic embellishments – such as a Japanese quality stamp, which reiterates the drink’s heritage. Additionally, ingredient visuals such as the shards of ice initially featured in the brand guidelines were simplified and modernised. Ultimately, the agency aimed to create a unique twist to the original design by shifting the display of text and updating the visuals to cater to a Great Britain audience.

Allison Spence, Creative Director at Seymourpowell – “We’re thrilled to unveil our UK adaptation of the packaging design for -196 in collaboration with SBF GB&I. Our goal was to seamlessly blend the essence of Japanese culture with the vibrant energy of British consumers. Through extensive consumer research and iterative design processes, we’ve crafted a packaging that not only captures the authenticity of -196 but also resonates with local audiences. From the subtle incorporation of Japanese elements to the modernised visuals, every detail has been meticulously curated to enhance the brand’s presence on retailers’ shelves in Great Britain.”

Source: Seymourpowell

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