Snickers’ New Ad by IMPACT BBDO Highlights the Dangers of Self Reflection Whilst Hungry

A young man stares into a mirror, lost in self-reflection. He’s timid, critical of himself and full of doubts. He yearns for change, but isn’t quite sure how to. As his desperation reaches a critical point, he lets out his frustration with a guttural, alpha male scream.

It is a therapeutic moment, as he reaches for a hair clipper ready to reinvent himself. It is an unexpected performance, amidst the bewilderment of the other barber shop patrons.

Further proof that you’re not you when you’re hungry; this spot by IMPACT BBDO, is a continuation of the well-established Snickers campaign that matches a human truth with a brand truth: “A proper, nut-filled Snickers sorts out hunger and restores your role in the pack.”


Creative Director: Tres Colacion
Executive Creative Director: Paul Shearer 
Director: Peter Dietrich 
DOP: Jon Gaute Espevold 
Sound: Klaus Lehr 


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