Springetts Bring ‘Good Fibrations’ to Arla Fibre with New Packaging Design

Springetts Brand Design has designed a range of fibre yogurts to be launched in the UK by Arla.

Arla challenged the design house to create a disruptive new design for their fibre yogurts. With fibre having so many negative associations, Springetts were asked to create a design that shifted the landscape of how we see and eat fibre.

“We discovered an insight that fibre has many positive effects on the entire body, and not just for aiding great digestion. Fibre has an impact on our mood, memory and sleep patterns. From this we created the brand essence ‘Good Fibrations’ which told the story of both the numerous positive health and emotional benefits of fibre,” revealed Springetts in their release.

This idea was brought to life by using the ownable Arla cloud brand equity as a metaphor of ‘goodness within’ radiating outwards. The clouds depict layers of taste, flavour and positivity. Each layer represents the benefits that fibre has on the body with the use of abstract fruit illustrations and patterns.

The resulting design has a bold, modern and fresh aesthetic, which creates a new visual language for fibre and counters the dull brown associations of traditionally fibre rich foods.

Source: Springetts Brand Design

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