Springetts Designs Halloween Limited Edition for McVitie’s Cakes

Following on from 2016’s successful Limited Edition Halloween cake bars McVitie’s Cakes have launched another spookily themed range designed by Springetts.

Inspiration for the design came from the idea of a witches’ delicatessen, where all the weird ingredients are picked from punnets, ready to take home and cook in their cauldrons.

“We used the McVitie’s brand cartouche and adapted it to become a deli-inspired watchstrap label,” said Springetts designer, Rob Wilde.

Each pack uses different ingredients illustrations, created in-house by Springetts, that create a unique but cohesive range look. Using a bright, striking colour palette creates a standout between the brand colours and the illustrations. A forced perspective on pack makes it look like the ingredients are sitting in a punnet.

The resulting pack designs appeal to mums with the strong McVitie’s branding and the idea of witches’ ingredients and yucky ghoulish ingredients is just what kids are after for a Halloween treat.

Source: Springetts

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