Springetts Designs Halloween Limited Edition for McVitie’s Cakes

vis_haloween_mw-swFollowing on from 2015’s successful limited edition Halloween Jaffa Cake packs, McVitie’s Cakes has launched a more extensive range of spookily themed cake bars designed by Springetts.

“This year the designs have gone a step further and all five packs feature plasticine modelled characters,” says Springetts design director, Lou Elms.

“These scary fruit bats, penguin witches and toffee apple zombies were modelled by hand and shot in their own spooky Halloween sets.”

The style of the Halloween characters remains the same across the different brands for a cohesive range look. The variant names have been changed to add to the scary theme – Fang-tastic Orange cake bars or Petrified Penguins for example.

By bringing the Halloween characters to life in 3-D we created a compelling reason to purchase over other themed packaging and increased shelf standout.






Source: Springetts

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