Take a Break from Christmas Madness with Kitkat’s Whole Load of Nothing

As the countdown to the festive season starts millions of Brits already have one worried eye on the exhausting side of Christmas.

On top of this, they have to contend with more and more Christmas ads, starting earlier and earlier, featuring traditional jingly bells, families around the turkey, re-recorded Christmas songs and all the usual Christmas schmaltz.

CVY8OiUVAAAwu_MSometimes it’s hard not to think that maybe the best Christmas gift Santa can bring, could just be a little break.

Going against the usual Christmas noise trend KitKat along with J. Walter Thompson London, has created an advert that gives people a little break. A witty and observational take on Christmas that takes the time to offer almost nothing.

The film features 30 sec of a completely white set while a voice over questions if ‘just absolutely nothing’ isn’t ‘nice for a change’.

Russell Ramsey, Executive Creative Director at J. Walter Thompson London, said: “………..”

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