Tequila Herradura Launches New Global Marketing Campaign “Luck Is Earned”

Tequila Herradura announced the launch of its new global marketing campaign, “Luck Is Earned.” Featuring raw and undeniably real stories of people who parallel the ambition, passion and soul of Tequila Herradura, the campaign illustrates that there are no shortcuts to greatness. Whether it’s making tequila, music or art, turning one’s all-consuming passion into perfection requires dedication to craft and determination for excellence – the way Tequila Herradura has been doing it for over 145 years.

The “Luck Is Earned” campaign:

  • Features real people who emulate the courage of Tequila Herradura by resisting compromise and exceeding standards on the path to greatness.
  • Honors the brand’s iconic horseshoe, demonstrating that it isn’t just a symbol of good fortune, but a testament to Tequila Herradura’s commitment to excellence since 1870, when Aurelio Lopez found a horseshoe in his agave fields, and named his tequila “Herradura” – meaning horseshoe in Spanish.
  • Showcases how Tequila Herradura is crafted with a balance of respect for traditional processes with industry-leading innovation at the last true tequila-producing hacienda on the planet, a true piece of Mexico’s cultural fabric.

“We’re excited to launch a global marketing campaign that illustrates Tequila Herradura’s history, heritage and tequila leadership,” said John Tichenor, VP Global Brand Director, Tequila Herradura. “The ‘Luck Is Earned’ campaign not only reinforces the brand’s courageous legacy, but pays tribute to our consumers’ real stories of conviction and eminence.”

“Luck Is Earned,” will roll out its first creative throughout the US on September 16 in conjunction with Mexican Independence Day. Additional creative will be introduced globally throughout 2016 and 2017 and will come to life through a number of elements including:

  • Video and music steaming services including Hulu
  • Digital and Print with New York Times T Magazine, Gilt, Time Out
  • Mobile search services such as Foursquare
  • Social Media Engagement through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  • Local events across the US

Tequila Herradura relied on the creative minds from Agency of Record GREY Canada to develop and produce the campaign.

“To emulate the true spirit and authenticity of Tequila Herradura, we decided to feature raw, undiscovered talent. There’s no acting going on here.” said Joel Arbez, Executive Creative Director at GREY Canada. “By showcasing these journeys to excellence, the campaign proves that achieving greatness means no shortcuts.”

Source: GREY Canada

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