The Collaborators Make a Splash with The Reel Fish Co.

The Collaborators have repositioned and redesigned The Reel Fish Co. as a challenger brand within the canned tuna category. With two standard varieties in both one can and three can formats, The Collaborators created an attention grabbing new brand identity and packaging design for Reel Fish, to reflect its mission to re-invigorate the tuna aisle.

Distinctly different from the big tuna brands, Reel Fish not only source their tuna via the most innovative and ethical means, they also see much more potential in tuna than as a sandwich filler or potato topper. To set the right direction, The Collaborators created the positioning of ‘Fish Unlimited’ to reflect the product’s versatility and the brand’s ambition.

A surprising and vibrant look was established in a scrapbook style, featuring potential ingredients, meal inspiration and sea iconography. Created to evoke a burst of ideas and the feeling of unlimited possibilities, the design provided Reel Fish with a contemporary identity that would resonate with a younger more open-minded audience.

The Collaborators’ Creative Director Mary Lewis added: “We set out to break the norm and create a very modern take on a lacklustre category. So, we pulled together an eclectic mix of elements from the sea and an anarchic style of typography to blow everything else out of the water.”

Armed with their new design and campaign-able positioning, Reel Fish are now ready to make waves in the tuna aisle and inspire the next generation of cooks to think outside the can.

Source: The Collaborators 

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