Tidy’s Colourful Branding Help Happie Redefine the Humble Pie

Seeking to disrupt a traditional market with a bold and colourful brand identity, the creators of Happie asked design experts Tidy, to redefine the humble pie. 

Pies may be seen as quintessentially British pub grub, but today’s health-conscious consumers are often left out of the equation. Happie sought to shake things up with a nutritious alternative, featuring classic flavours and microwavable convenience at a fraction of the fat content.

Traffic light labelling would need to feature prominently, alongside other essential messaging to communicate the health benefits of choosing Happie over more established brands.

To make pies appealing to a new generation of food shoppers, Happie needed a vibrant and eye-catching brand that would stand out on supermarket shelves. Enter Tidy.

With playful cut-out aesthetics and vibrant signature shades for each filling, Happie’s packaging turns the traditional pie market on its head, attracting millennial shoppers and health-conscious consumers without sacrificing the classic appeal of comfort food.

Source: Tidy

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