Tim Henman Wants His Hill Back in Robinsons Wimbledon Campaign

A new, lighthearted video for Robinsons starring Tim Henman pokes fun at the former tennis player’s achievements at Wimbledon to promote the soft drink brand’s new personalised, reusable bottles.

The video from Red Consultancy focuses on confusion over whether the grass bank area on the Championships site should be known as Murray Mound (after Andy Murray) or Henman Hill.

Robinsons, a sponsor of the tournament that runs from July 2 to 15, is promoting the fact that in 2018 visitors can buy personalised bottles for £7, or £5 if they return an empty bottle for recycling to the Robinsons’ Play Tennis Café.

“Providing consumers with a reusable drink bottle at Wimbledon is part of our ongoing commitment to tackling plastic pollution. We are proud of the fact that all Robinsons PET plastic bottles are fully recyclable in the UK, with 99 per cent of local authorities collecting PET at the kerbside. Plus Robinsons, due to the fact it’s a concentrated drink, uses less plastic per serving compared to many other soft drinks,” said Kevin McNair, GB marketing director at Britvic.

“Earlier this year we signed The UK Plastics Pact, a pioneering agreement designed to keep plastic in the economy and out of the ocean. In 2017 Britvic removed 308 tonnes of primary plastic bottle packaging from the supply chain. We are making progress, but we all have more to do.”

Source: Campaign Live

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