Weetabix Adds All-Green Traffic Lights To Its Packaging

weetabix_factory_004Britain’s most popular breakfast cereal, Weetabix, has added all-green traffic lights to its Weetabix Original and Weetabix Protein packaging. Weetabix is one of the few cereal companies to share its nutritional credentials in this way.

Speaking during a media briefing at their Burton Latimer headquarters, Kevin Verbruggen, Head of Brand at Weetabix said: “As a category leader, we have a responsibility to provide best-practice food labelling, to help shoppers make more informed choices. Shoppers tell us that they’re often confused by the wide range of cereals, and the easy-to-read traffic lights make it simpler for health-conscious shoppers to make a quick, informed choice. This can only benefit shoppers, their families, and the category.”

weetabix_factory_080Research shows almost 7 in 10 people are concerned about the health benefits of cereal and 65% are looking to reduce the sugar intake in their diet. These concerns are being reflected in consumers purchasing choices, as higher sugar cereals face a decline in sales, while Weetabix sales have grown £2m this year to date.

Weetabix Original is made from 95% wholegrain wheat, and fortified with vitamins and iron. It is high in fibre, packed with nutrients and low in sugar and salt.

“We are actively encouraging more children to start the day with a good breakfast. All of our family cereals meet the strict nutritional standards for marketing to children, which highlights how seriously we take our responsibility to providing nutritious breakfast choices,” added Verbruggen.

Retailers are being encouraged to stock up on Weetabix, to meet the additional demand being seen.



Source: Weetabix

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