W+K Shanghai Redefines the Infomercial in New Corona Campaign

During Single-Day (November 11) in China, most brands will compete against each other by lowering prices of their products or give away gimmicky gifts, only aiming to stimulate peoples impulse spend.

In 2016, Corona, as a premium import beer brand, did the opposite of everyone else; they decided not to join the “price war”, but to provide you a unique Corona experience no one else can.

Building on top of 2015’s successful Double 11 campaign – Win an Island – now, Corona has created huge buzz by offering something money can’t buy – 5 once-in-a-lifetime beach experiences to the Maldives, Fiji, Seychelles, Bali and Mauritius.

carona1Corona has given a face-lift to its T-Mall flagship store by transforming it into the first ever “Go Chill” Shopping Channel. But instead of being filled with boring late-night infomercials, which is usually comprised of products people never need, the Corona channel gives tours of unique beach experiences, offering viewers a glimpse of the world and its new brand ideal “This Is Living”.

In addition to the Corona beach experiences, Corona is offering five limited editions “bundle packs”, which not only include Corona beer, but also small gifts that enable a Corona experience., Value-add items such as inflatable resting chair chairs, waterproof speaker, and Corona dry sacks will come along with the beer to help people better enjoy their beach experience. Customers will only need to drink Corona to win the world’s top five beach under a “gaming” mechanism.

This is the first time that W+K Shanghai has reached out to such a large amount of platforms for a campaign: the OTV provokes audience’s curiosity about the first beach station on T-Mall; the 10 seconds production film gives an introduction on Corona five limited edition bundles gifts; key visual to inspire people to shop for Corona experience; some KOLs as reporters to create feature stories to further enhance the Corona experience on social media.

carona1With three major Chinese celebrities (Tang Yixin, Li Zhiting and Zhang Guowei) hosting the first-ever travel show on TMALL, Corona will be showcasing the world’s top three beach destinations while highlighting their unique beach experiences via live-stream. Whether its yoga at the beach, enjoying a nice BBQ or listening to a beach concert, this years “Go Chill” channel live-stream shows will be sure to inspire people in China to go outside and live more moments that matter.

In 2016 for Double 11, every Corona will come with a real Corona beach experience.

Source: Little Black Book

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