Wowme Building Category Innovation for Kerry Foods

In March Kerry Foods announced that its kids’ dairy snacking range would all come together with the creation of new masterbrand Strings & Things, which includes products such as Cheestrings and Yollies.

Strings & Things would “future-proof” Kerry’s snacking brands, said Kerry Foods Marketing Manager Anna Moore, and would give it a “strong platform to launch innovation” while also “amplifying the brand’s fun appeal”.

Wowme Design has worked with Kerry to help develop the first piece of innovation under the new Strings & Things brand, which is Cheeshapes, initially available in two variants ‘Randoms’ and ‘Icons’, with shapes varying from funny faces and unicorns to pieces of fruit, which are on sale now.

The development process started with some initial conceptual illustrations to try and identify the style of the shapes themselves, which then evolved into the development of the necessary assets for Kerry’s production team.

Innovating the category brought its own challenges as there was nothing in the market to aid the development, so the team at Wowme spent a great deal of time working directly with the manufacturers of the production machinery to help bring the concept to life.

Following trips out to Europe for production trials, Wowme and the NPD team at Kerry, finalised on the process and the collection of shapes for the initial launch. With these shapes then being 3D printed to help the Kerry team show the trade the latest innovation in kids’ dairy snacking.

Anna Moore added: “Cheeshapes is a truly innovative product with more than just a nutritious purpose. The shapes have a wide appeal and encourage kids to use their imagination.”

Source: Wowme Design

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