A Chocolate Love Story in Govida’s ‘Wonder Awaits’ Campaign by McCann London

Godiva has announced a new advertising campaign, ‘Wonder Awaits’, devoted to the notion of evoking wonder. With whimsically romantic vignettes and visuals, the campaign was created to spark curiosity and wonder for a younger audience.

Created by McCann London, one of the world’s leading ad agencies, and directed and photographed by British director, Vicky Lawton, the campaign is a loose homage to the founder of Godiva, Pierre Draps. As the story goes, when he was a young man in Belgium, Pierre learned how to make his now famous truffles simply to delight his wife, who adored chocolate more than anything else. He dedicated his life to this art, and to her.

Using this love story as inspiration, Wonder Awaits features two young characters, Pierre, a chocolatier, and Mimi, a lover of sweets, and the wonder and anticipation of what’s to come between them. Together, they indulge in Godiva chocolate, which plays a central role in their connection, and helps to grow their special relationship. Their love story, and the lifelong romance of Draps and his wife Eugenie, inspire chocolate lovers everywhere to explore life with playful curiosity and wonder.

Wonder Awaits advertisements will be distributed on leading media properties such as YouTube, Facebook and Instagram in addition to leading media publishers like PopSugar and BuzzFeed. Globally, the brand is investing multimillions on the total ad campaign, with a focus on the key selling periods beginning in September 2019 and running through 2020.

Source: The Drum

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