Aesop Dish up a Digital Hit for Tic Tac

APPLE_BURST_DRUM_KIT_MASTER_22-05-1444The digital campaign created by Aesop Agency to mark the launch of tic tac’s new flavour variant ‘Apple Burst’ has generated more than 1 million views on YouTube.

The campaign, created by Aesop creative directors Matt Pam and Simon Hipwell and directed by Top Gear director Kit Lynch-Robinson, consists of six films of six different objects being burst apart by apples.

The final film of the campaign – ‘Kitten’ – is currently being shown and has proved to be the most popular with close to 4000, 000 views (and counting…).

A drum kit, greenhouse and a caravan are amongst the objects that met their waterloo courtesy of the nations favourite fruit. The glorious and surreal moment a tonne of apples dropped from a great height obliterates the various objects – exquisitely captured by feature film DP Gary Shaw – has become a massive Internet hit.

The films, which were voted for by the public, have also generated more than 100,000 Facebook views.

“We are thrilled with the results,” explains a Ferrero spokesperson “This campaign exceeded our expectations and was a new way for tic tac to engage with consumers. It has clearly captured the nation’s imagination – particularly amongst 18-24 year olds”.

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