BBDO New York Wants You to Dial-A-Snickers to Cheer Up a Friend

Snickers has announced they are changing select candy bar packages nationwide in the US, replacing the iconic Snickers parallelogram with popular hunger symptoms such as Loopy, Rebellious, Feisty, Drama Mama, Curmudgeon…and more. The packaging swap is part of the brand’s ongoing topical extension of its award-winning “You’re Not You When You’re Hungry” campaign.

To support the new ‘Hunger Bars,’ online content was created by BBDO New York, Snickers’ creative agency partner, which shows how Snickers solved hunger emergencies. ‘Dial-A-Snickers’ allowed people to call in and report their hungry friends by dialing 1-844-Hunger-Bar. An operator determined each hunger symptom, and that specific hunger bar was delivered via bike messenger.

The idea of the campaign is to encourage people to call out their friends with a hunger bar and share using #EatASnickers.


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