BBDO Pits Its Creatives Against Each Other To Make The Ultimate Twix Ad

Mars’ candy bar brand Twix has revealed the videos from its ‘create-a-thon’ competition that saw BBDO creatives from around the world battle to create the perfect Twix spot.

Twix challenged ten global BBDO teams to each create a “visually powerful” video for the candy bar that “crosses borders” and plays off of the brand’s ongoing left Twix vs. right Twix rivalry.

According to BBDO, the experiment stemmed from the agency’s quest to improve its global storytelling and nimble content creation skills in today’s quick-turnaround environment.

The videos were created by teams hailing from Brazil, Colombia, France, Germany, UK and US. Each video was produced in two days at YouTube spaces in London, Los Angeles, New York and Sao Paulo.

Once the ads were good to go, they ran in the US, UK and Netherlands. To measure which videos proved the most successful among consumers, Twix measured view-through rates on YouTube (when a user views a video for 30 seconds or until the end, whichever comes first) and surveyed viewers to determine ad recall.

BBDO said the ads all ran on a single day with more than million impressions per country.

The winner was a video from BBDO’s UK team called ‘YouTube vs. YouTube’ (above) that features both a left Twix and right Twix spokesperson as they use

‘Minotaur,’ the video from BBDO New York, came in second while ‘Romans,’ created by CLM BBDO in France, was third.

David Lubars, worldwide chief creative officer at BBDO, said of the experiment: “The world is completely different now, everyone knows that, we’re in undiscovered country. Standard ways of testing and evaluating work, well, a lot of it has become obsolete.  Now the most telling test is finding out if real people out there opt out on you after five seconds – to me, that’s real learning.  Working with YouTube and Twix, we learned a ton about using creativity to keep people in; have them want to stick with you all the way through.”

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