Biscuit Brand ‘Tim Tam’ Goes Tech For Fan Poll

timtam-thumb-400x231-133456Legendary biscuit brand Tim Tam has launched a campaign for its new Chocolicious Bites with a creative designed by DDB and executed by MEC and Social Ally.

It focuses on an interactive consumer poll utilising real-time technology, offering fans a year’s supply of Tim Tams.

The campaign launches online via Facebook.

“Real-time communications is the very essence of what we do at MEC and Social Ally’s technology was the perfect solution for amplifying the idea to deliver meaningful engagement and social interaction to our fans,” said Rebecca Twist, client & communications director at MEC.

“The technology allowed us to link all the ad units into a single experience, turning the digital marketing into a cohesive digitally led campaign that taps into the social nature of the web and audience.”

Social Ally co-founder and director Dan Ferguson said: “As far as we are aware, this is the first time anyone in Australia has applied real-time technology in this way through multiple ad units creating a unified, multiuser experience.”

He added: “People want to feel like they’re part of a bigger conversation, they want the instant gratification of being able to see others participate as it happens. The real-time poll brings the chocolate-or-biscuit question to life and makes it a shared experience among consumers. We know that shared experiences are more compelling, and that as a result people are more likely to walk away with the brand front of mind.”

The campaign runs until 15 December.

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