Bring on the Goodness from AYEM to PM: & SMITH Brands New Breakfast Pot

Branding agency & SMITH has named and branded new London based protein breakfast pot, AYEM. The new breakfast pot that’s high in Protein and Omega 3, is designed to help you eat well at breakfast time.

AYEM is all about giving your body and mind enough of the good stuff it needs to keep feeling tip-top every day. They started delivering to your home (or desk) earlier this year and have launched with a range of three flavours.

& SMITH’s identity and packaging positions AYEM as a new, healthy, breakfast staple that helps top up your Protein and Omega 3 intake each day. Keen to stay away from a ‘science-y’ look and feel, the identity is straight talking, colourful and playful.

& SMITH teamed up with illustrator Beth Walrond, to create a set of illustrated characters that make up the selection of AYEM logos.

As AYEM can benefit everyone, each character intentionally shows that you don’t have to be ‘my-body’s-a-temple, run-like-the-wind’ level of healthy to do something good for yourself every day.

& SMITH worked across a wide range of items for the launch, including the identity, packaging, website and art direction, right through to the delivery experience, pop up store, POS and Facebook ads.

“AYEM was a great brief. A start-up with an inventive, ‘good-for-you’ product that didn’t naturally slot into an existing particular food type or category. It wasn’t a shake, porridge, yoghurt or anything that we’re really familiar with, so it was our job to position it, educate the customer what it is and why they needed it,” said Dan Bernstein, creative partner, & SMITH.

“The big thing was to make sure we sold AYEM as ‘food’, rather than a supplement shake or powder style product. It meant that we focused on selling a breakfast pot that happened to be a really good way of getting more Protein and Omega 3, rather than the other way around. From then on we knew the branding had to fit in with the ‘foody’ crowd and move away from anything to clinical or ‘science-y’.”

AYEM was brought to life with the support from Danone’s Innovation Accelerator Program, which focuses on launching new and exciting products and helps accelerates new business ideas from internal entrepreneurs.

It is available online and has recently launched in Ocado. They’ll be a new pop-up at Old Street Station in Shoreditch from January 14th – February 2nd next year.

Source: & SMITH

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