Budweiser Releases First Rise As One TV Spot For The FIFA World Cup

Budweiser, the official beer sponsor of the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil, revealed the next components of its fully integrated, global content series as part of the brand’s Rise As One FIFA World Cup campaign, beginning with the digital debut of their first 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil television advertisement entitled, Believe As One.

Centered around the Rise As One thematic which honors the moments that unite football fans worldwide, Believe As One captures the spirit of anticipation now building around the world as fans and players eagerly look ahead to the FIFA World Cup tournament, and will air in markets globally as excitement for the tournament continues to grow.

Believe As One is the first of two new FIFA World Cup advertisements by Budweiser, and was filmed in black-and-white to truly highlight the passion and pride for the sport that unites fans around the world, irrespective of the team they support.

“Football is unique in its ability to unite fans all over the globe and its unifying power is never more evident than when the world comes together during the FIFA World Cup,” said Andrew Sneyd, Global Vice President, Budweiser. “Through the Rise As One campaign and our new spot Believe As One, Budweiser showcases the passion and building anticipation shared by fans and players the world over.”

Budweiser Heroes: From Across the Globe and in your Community

BUDWEISER RISE AS ONEBudweiser celebrates football heroes that exist not only on the global stage, but also in local communities around the world. Now, Budweiser Heroes, a new partnership with VICE will highlight the real-life stories of individuals who have made a significant impact in their community and how their love of football transformed the lives of everyday people.

Fans are encouraged to submit stories about their own football hero who has gone the extra mile to do something truly game changing for his or her teammates or community through their love of the sport. Fans that enter can rally support for their stories by sharing on their social networks and asking others to vote.

Winners will be chosen by the brand to all receive an all-expenses paid trip to the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil, tickets to a football match and a three-day stay at the Budweiser Hotel in Rio de Janeiro. To celebrate these heroes and give them the recognition they deserve, Budweiser and VICE will also create a short film of the winners to further showcase their individual stories.

In addition to the stories submitted by fans around the world, Budweiser and VICE are creating a series of short digital episodes that follow the same campaign thematic and will tell five incredible and inspiring contemporary stories from around the globe. They are:

  • From Brazil, “Football is Believing” – a highly competitive form of the sport played by blind and partially-sighted athletes and this film follows as one of the top teams in Brazil tries to pull a new player out of isolation.
  • INC084_05Av1_Budweiser_World_Cup_Logo_4colours_OLIn Koh Panyee, a tiny island floating off the coast of Thailand, a group of football-crazed fisherman encountered a unique problem in that there was no land to play the beautiful game. This short explores how a group of friends came up with an idea that would eventually spawn one of the most successful football clubs in southern Thailand.
  • Situated in the Darfur region in Eastern Chad, the Djabal Refugee Camp is home to six tribes, many of whom have been in conflict for centuries.  Darfur United is the first team ever established to represent the region in international sports.
  • This film explores the growing grassroots football sub-cultures developing in unexpected places in China.  Follow one of Beijing’s most prestigious independent teams to a Naxi village in the rural southwest to see what happens when old and new China mix on the pitch.
  • In Texas, we follow the best amputee footballers in America as they come together for tryouts and the team’s first training camp in hopes of representing their country in the Amputee Football World Cup.

Available to view on www.RiseAsOne.com, these digital shorts will serve as inspiration for the “Budweiser Heroes” program which will focus on fan-submitted stories exploring how football sparks heroism and brings people and communities together for altruistic pursuits.

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