Co-Partnership Provide Timeless Branding For Tanqueray Gin & Tonic

Tanqueray Gin & Tonic is a timeless classic, served in the finest bars in the world. Diageo approached Australian design experts Co-Partnership, to provide a fresh take on their timeless gin brand.

The brief was to offer consumers a perfectly mixed G&T package that upholds the heritage and authenticity of the parent brand, setting a new benchmark for premium premixes.

The idea lives around the bartenders perfect serve of Tanqueray & Tonic and experiencing this ultimate G&T at home. In order to differentiate from lesser quality premixes and uphold the iconic image of Tanqueray, Co-Partnership began their journey by designing a custom glass bottle.

“The new design strikes a perfect balance, borrowing just enough from the parent brand to build recognition, whilst being technically feasible to run down a fast bottling line. Using a lighter green glass to communicate a softer strength than its parent, we slimmed down the bottle and introduced a crown seal to speak to the ready to drink format, adding embossing of ‘Charles Tanqueray & Co’ to the shoulder and monogram mark to the bottle base,” said the design house on their website.

By reorganising the famous Tanqueray brand assets,Co-Partnership made room to deliver the idea of the bartenders perfect serve, using copy such as ‘The definitive Gin & Tonic’, ‘Expertly Blended’ and ‘The world’s most prestigious gin, blended with our signature tonic’.

To visually introduce this idea, they added a detailed illustration of a ‘Copa de Balon’ glass – or balloon cup, the official glassware of Gin & Tonic connoisseurs, filled with ice and lime and finished with the founders signature for authenticity.

Source: Co-Partnership

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