Desperados Welcomes Party Ideas from All Over the World for One Epic House Party

Desperados reached new levels of wild experimentation by welcoming partygoers and all their party ideas under one roof, to create the world’s largest crowdsourced party.

Partnering with party legends Elrow and dance music pioneer, Skream, Desperados transformed Magazine, one of London’s newest venues, into the most welcoming house party and turned people’s wild party ideas into a reality.

Skream said, “Dancefloors are the most welcoming places on earth. They bring people together in a space where everyone can unplug and let go.  So, my idea was to take this up a notch, to throw the most epic house party where everyone and their ideas are welcome.”

To enter the party, 3,000 guests walked over a giant welcome mat made of unwelcoming newspaper clippings, giving them an opportunity to leave the noise of the outside world at the door as they entered the space.

Partygoers then got to experience party ideas crowdsourced from across the world, including:

  • Friendly security – grandmas, like Grime Gran – because Risky Roadz from the UK, wanted all guests to be greeted with smiles to get the party started.
  • Being able to see the stage if you are shorter in height, an idea from Laurentine Van Landenghem from Belgium.
  • Feeling the music through custom built haptic jackets, dreamt up by Hermon and Heroda, from Eritrea and Ethiopia. 
  • Being served drinks by an eight-armed bartender…an octopus, so no time was wasted queuing up for drinks. This idea was imagined by Rob Zwart of the Netherlands. 
  • Not having to worry about spilling a drink, with a specially designed robotic hands-free Desperados arm, dreamt up by Kevin Odirile Setlhare from South Africa.

Across 2019, Desperados challenged consumers to enter their epic party ideas through social media using #WeAreTheParty, bringing the most epic ones to life.

Diederik Vos, Global Brand Director and chief party curator, Desperados, commented, “Parties are the perfect place to unleash creativity and we wanted to embrace this by giving partygoers around the world an opportunity to shape their own adventures. For this act, we worked with partygoers from across the world, to bring to life what they want from a party experience.” 

Epic House Party is the main event in a yearlong series of acts titled ‘Epic Parties Imagined by You’, where Desperados ignites the party spirit by collaborating with partygoers to bring their most epic ideas to life. Through the series, events have been hosted in some of Europe’s leading party cities including Amsterdam, Warsaw, Berlin and Barcelona.

Source: HEINEKEN Company

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