Diet Coke Turns Its Fans’ ‘Retweets Of Love’ Into Unique Creative Gifts

Coke_ReTweets of Love2For its ReTweets of Love campaign, fans who expressed their love for Diet Coke via Twitter got more than they expected.

Coca-Cola surprised selected fans by not only re-tweeting them, but returning their tweets as unique artworks.

The campaign was an extension of Coke’s ‘Get a Taste’ Campaign, with artists, Erin Marinovich, Marta Cerda Alimbau and Jeff Rogers designing over 50 gifts for lucky social media users.

The products were inspired by the “look and taste” of Diet Coke, and the campaign’s quirky creations are an example of how love for a brand will lead to “brand loyalty, product evangelism and greater business”.

Coke_ReTweets of Love1All in all, the gifts were a perfect way for Coke to display its brand beyond the scope of its product and to reward brand lovers with something more tangible than a retweet or a like on social media.

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