Dunkin’s Espresso-Wear Returns with a ‘Signature Line’ of Latte Items

In 2018, Dunkin’ launched its FAB Award-winning Espresso-Wear, a faux clothing-line demonstrating the length to which on-the-go people are willing to go to keep their great-tasting Dunkin’ lattes handy.

Now, with temperatures rising, Dunkin is back with its latest line of summer Espresso-Wear — the perfect way to keep you cool and your hands free to enjoy Dunkin’s Signature Iced Lattes.

Created by BBDO New York, the new ‘Signature Line’ of Espresso-Wear features a Latte-kini, Latte-viators, and Latte-nk Top, each equipped with cup-holders to always keep your drink nearby. 

Interest in Espresso-wear was so high the first time around that consumers wrote and called asking where they could be ordered. This time, Dunkin’ listened and actually made a few of the latte-accessories available.

Fans can enter for a chance to win their own latte-nk top through Dunkin’s Instagram page by telling them why they want to hold their lattes in their clothes. 

Source: Little Black Book

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