Eat With Your Eyes Brands Wandering Brewer Project’s ERROR 404 Offering

Released at the start of November ‘ERROR 404’ is the 14th beer in a series of 22 concocted by the Wandering Brewer Project. The only clue to its flavour are the enigmatic tasting notes “The beer you’re looking for cannot be found, please contact your server”

The Wandering Brewer Project is a two-year collaboration between Charles Wells and Britain’s best breweries. 22 small batch limited edition beers, monthly, until 2019. Throughout the project beer lovers can vote on each collaboration, helping to influence the range Charles Wells will make at their new brewery in 2019.

Eat With Your Eyes, the brand’s creators, explain the projects design rationale… Every beer, each made with a different brewer, represents a letter of the project name.

Utilitarian styling and irreverent names cut through traditional cask stereotypes – reflecting lo-fi, high pace guerrilla brewing. Brilliant white over size pump clips and fluorescent pantones visually dominate any bar.

It’s all about creating a thirst, a conversation and a wandering social sub-culture to ultimately reveal the most loved pint. Other names in the series have included ‘DRINK’ Pale Ale and ‘ANOTHER’ Special Ale.

Keep an eye out for next month’s brew @wanderingbrewer, it begins with the letter ‘R’.

Source: Eat With Your Eyes

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