Eat With Your Eyes Designs New Cocktail Menus for Dirty Martini

Design experts Eat With Your Eyes designed a new menu for Dirty Martini, the high street cocktail bar chain.

Starting with the opulent interiors for inspiration, Eat With Your Eyes deconstructed the martini glass and mixed these sharp dynamic lines with the creative flair from the cocktail crafting process.

Research told them that guests like to choose by flavour and how they feel. So they created an emotive and shareable experience with ‘what’s your martini mood?’

A playful narrative featuring throughout the menu that prompts guests to consider their desires in the moment. Eat With Your Eyes elevated each drink by introducing a descriptive flavour profile, rather than a robotic ingredient list.

The printed menu is simple to navigate and easy to read in low lighting. Every drink has a helpful illustration while retaining the surprise of seeing your drink for the first time. The new design makes browsing and choosing cocktails for your mood an absolute joy!

Source: Eat With Your Eyes

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